Parking Management for Commercial and Residential premises

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GateHOUSE is our in-house software system that allows bespoke management of a site, using ANPR technology to control or log the entry/exit of vehicles from either commercial or residential premises.

It can be deployed with or without a barrier control, and is used widely for Hotels, Golf Clubs, Business Parks, Private Estates, Construction Sites, and other Commercial Premises.

Providing a management portal for the site operator, as well as the individual clients/users, GateHOUSE ensures authorised vehicles only can park in the designated area.

Bespoke charging can be created for fee-paying parking, and this can be tailored to each client’s requirement in an easy to use App.

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This 2019 British Parking Awards Finalist car park consists of 424 parking bays across 7 levels on a mixed commercial and residential site. The car park spaces are allocated to 10 local businesses with each business being allotted a set number of spaces. However, as the car park had unrestricted access, these paying clients often found their allotted spaces occupied by unpaying vehicles.

To overcome this, we installed ANPR controlled entry barriers alongside our GateHOUSE Portal to allow the client to self-manage vehicle access to the car park. Each of the 10 businesses were issued with an online account to their own portal to allow them to add and remove staff vehicles to the ANPR system. Clients are also able to give temporary access for visitors and set an expiry date to automatically remove the visitor from the system after a set period of time. 

On approach to the cantilever FAAC barrier, the Nimrod ANPR camera and server analyses the number plate and seamlessly grants access for authorised users.

For support, we have installed a GSM call station to allow two-way voice communication with our 24 hour remote control room. Our controllers can see the ANPR captures and has the ability to remotely open the barrier via the GateHOUSE Portal which logs the reason for the manual operation and additional bespoke information required by the client.

Administrators are able to run bespoke reports within the GateHOUSE Portal as required.

There are currently 1,356 vehicles registered across the 10 local businesses with approximately 5,000 car park entries a month.

Farnborough Park Private Estate

This application is also using ANPR controlled barriers however for a large private residential estate consisting of 234 properties. There are two roads that lead in and out of the estate and it commonly used as a cut through for local traffic.

With the use of our bespoke GateHOUSE Portal, we worked with the residential committee to adapt the portal to suit the park needs. Each resident has their own portal login to manage their own plates and visitors, reducing waiting times at the barriers by granting automatic entry and exit for registered vehicles.

Both road entrances were redesigned in keeping with the estate aesthetics. This consisted of new road surfacing at the entrance with a stone brick central island to house the call stations and ANPR camera posts. This doubled up as a planter in keeping with the high standards of the park.

At the main entrance point into the park, two FAAC B680 raising barriers in the RAL colour of the estates choosing were installed to control entry and exit. A security guard house is installed adjacent to the entrance. This main entrance is for all trades, visitors and residents. Any non-registered vehicle is granted access to the park by the security officers using the GateHOUSE portal software, logging the vehicle details, the reason for the visit and which property they are visiting.

The secondary road into the park was restricted to residents only thereby stopping the cut through route for local traffic. GSM call stations are installed to allow communication to the security hut at the main entrance with a backup line to our remote office.

At both entrances long rang access control readers have been installed to allow motorbikes the option of using a radio fob for entry and exit.

Not only does this solution stop the cut through traffic on the estate, security is greatly improved as all vehicles on the park must either be registered or have a legitimate reason to enter the park.

There are approximately 3,375 registered number plates across 234 properties. On an average month 24,000 vehicles go through the ANPR controlled barriers.


GateHOUSE is part of a family of business software tools produced by Bridge Management Systems. 
  Each system can seamlessly link to any (or all) of the others, to provide very powerful solutions.

• BridgeVISION – Incident Management

• ACMetrix – Site Management

• WorkPLANNER – Electronic Job Management

• Fleet-X – Fleet Management

• Explorer7 – Vehicle Tracking

All our systems are produced, maintained, and supported in-house, and can be linked together in all combinations, to provide the most comprehensive management system on the planet..

 Bridge SuperVISION

These Systems provide additional functionality that can be utilised within GateHOUSE, or in a stand-alone function. Each System has its own pricing, which is discounted when multiple systems are subscribed to. Details available upon request and subject to a full assessment of the specification requirement.