Bridge Parking and Asset Management presents you with the opportunity to generate revenue from any suitable area of privately owned land, residential service managed sites or private dormant land

Welcome to Bridge Parking and Asset Management

Governed by the BPA and AOS, with a growing number of active sites across the UK, we offer the complete service to ensure illegal parking on private land is addressed by pro-active parking management, and also provide revenue streams where clients have acquired land and are awaiting planning permission and development of the same.

Our solution ensures that we carry out pro-active parking management which in turn can be a revenue stream for our clients. We offer a number of different payment options via permit, cash meter or web portal. Should an individual park in an unauthorised space or avoid payment, our state of the art ‘TICKIT’ application ensures the prompt delivery of infringement notices to the offending party, fully enforcing violations and pursuing debt recovery.

Bridge Parking and Asset Management (BPAM) ensures that parking enforcement is carried out alongside full debt recovery. We also provide line painting services to ensure compliance in relation to designated parking areas.

Client Testimonials

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank yourselves and your teams for the huge efforts put into the work at Avon & Stour during the Christmas blockade. Whilst the scheduled works to the up line were not fully completed there was a lot of good work done and all the teams worked really hard to deliver in difficult circumstances including weather.”

Chris Adams

Project Manager of Osbourne

“We have been working with BridgePAM for a while now and are happy with their services. They are attentive and fair and provide a good level of service to our developments”.

Duncan Johnson

Associate Director – Business Development. Encore