As a fleet manager we know you take your ‘duty of care’ seriously. If you run a haulage company and have trucks on the road, our systems can be used as a driver aid by displaying what is around the vehicle

Welcome to In-Vehicle CCTV and Safety Systems

As a fleet manager we know you take your ‘duty of care’ seriously.  If you run a fleet of vehicles, we have camera and safety systems to meet the needs of all the different types of vehicle you may have, including Plant; from Dashcams to Full HD all-around CCTV, Live-View, and Sidescan.

What are the benefits?

By installing our all-around CCTV, we can provide the driver with a better view of what is around them, with the monitor automatically changing camera view to suit manoeuvre (left side camera on left indicator, rear camera on reverse gear selection, etc.). All footage is constantly recorded and can be recovered and reviewed in the event of an incident or accident. The ability to replay an event may very well reduce your liability and has even exonerated vehicle operators from blame.

Continuous recording

Cycle and pedestrian safety

360 degree vision

Review and analyse footage

How does it work?

The CCTV systems consist of multi-cameras fitted to a vehicle that are connected to a mobile digital video recorder and in-cab monitor. The monitor displays everything around the vehicle, and if required, inside the cab or load space. You can capture a complete record of all journeys, replay and review any incident or accident and can also use the footage to analyse driving techniques and recommend any training requirements.

With live viewing now a cost-effective reality, plus integration with the vehicle tracking system, fleet managers can be instantly alerted to an accident or incident and dial in to view live video, making real time management action a reality.