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Welcome to Bridge Power – Electric Vehicle Charging

Bridge Power is working at the forefront of the EV industry, bringing the most innovative and advanced electric vehicle charging solutions to you.


Our in-house electrical contractor Bridge Electrical, part of the Bridge Group, allows us to provide you with a full turnkey solution, including the supply, installation and maintenance of commercial and domestic charging points.Electrical Vehicle Power



  • Workplace charging
  • Household domestic charging
  • Fleet charging

Quality First

Bridge Powers’ supply of charging points are delivered locally from our Norwegian manufacturer Easee, with electric cars taking a 44% market share in Norway. We believe the product to be both innovative and ahead of its time, through product engineering, research and development.


The Easee charging point supports vehicle charging between 1,4 and 22kW per hour (1 and 3-Phase Charging supported), the smart chargers have a load balancing capability which means they only use power which is available for charging.

Reduction of power capacity requirements by up to 90%, allowing you to maximise power on your developments.


Smart Charging

The Easeechargers seek the cheapest time for residents to charge their vehicle, a countryside resident charging overnight just has to enter the time they need their car by the following morning and the technology will do the rest. This not only saves money but also reduces strain on the grid during peak times.


Do you fill your car up every day at the petrol station?
Now Electric vehicle range has improved drastically, electric range anxiety has reduced and users are not plugging their cars in every day, which naturally also reduces strain on the grid.


Installation & Integration

Bridge Electrical have over 50 years experience in the industry providing high quality electrical service solutions to the private and public sectors across a variety of commercial and industrial applications.

We would recommend each home garage has a 32amp (single phase) supply, this will future proof each home and ensure cars can charge efficiently. 

All installations will be OLEV approved and installed by our in-house NICEIC Electrical contractor, Bridge Electrical.