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Do you know where all your vehicles are right now? Do you know how your vehicles are being driven?  EXPLORER 7 is a dynamic vehicle tracking system designed to deliver real-time locations and usable telematics information, direct to your PC, phone, or tablet. Fully integrated with our Fleet-X and WORKPLANNER systems, it forms part of the complete solution for any modern day business that is striving to streamline its operation and deliver up-to-the-minute service to its customers.

Real-time information in an instant

EXPLORER 7 will show you the location of your vehicles based on time, distance, change of direction or a combination of all three. Our vehicle tracking system continuously sends you real-time information, so you can make informed decisions as your business needs change throughout the day. Alongside the WORKPLANNER system, you can dynamically change job assignments based on what is really happening, and where your vehicles are.

Historical analysis of vehicle movements

EXPLORER 7 allows you to run historic trails of vehicle movements. It’s very easy to see when and where a vehicle has stopped and started, what routes it has taken, speeding events, bad driver behaviour and other factors that can affect the economic running of your vehicles. You can even compare routes taken by your drivers with the suggested “most economical” routes.

Client Testimonials

Tructyre Fleet Management Ltd have been a customer of Bridge Fleet Solutions for a number of years now. This is largely due to their commitment to excellent customer service! A couple of years ago we extended our services to include driver behaviour which has been a great success. The simple to navigate and easy to manage system has seen the driver scores reduce significantly with immediate results helping us promote driver safety alongside a professional corporate image. Safe and efficient driving as a result of monitoring will also go a long way to creating savings on fuel and the wear and tear on our vehicles. Thanks for your continued support Bridge Fleet Solutions!

Darren Swanborough

Group Fleet Maintenance Manager
Tructyre Fleet Management Ltd

Control costs of your fleet

EXPLORER 7 will assist with controlling costs. Being able to accurately assess overtime and private mileage, along with controlling fuel spend, wear and tear, and reducing insurance premiums by way of reduced claims experience, all add up to a much healthier bottom line. Our easy-to-use Dashboards enable quick measuring and ensure that you are able to address issues as they occur.

  • SAVED OVER £14,947,137 ON FUEL