Do you know how much money you spend on your fleet? How do you keep track of when vehicles need servicing, inspections and all those other jobs that you are responsible for as a Fleet Manager? We have developed fleet maintenance software called FLEET-X, which will help you to get organised.

Welcome to FLEET-X

FLEET-X is the fleet manager’s friend when it comes to understanding where the fleet budget is being spent. Our fleet maintenance software will work for you in a number of ways. You can store important documents such as V5 registrations, MOT and insurance documents, driver information, licence details, qualifications and medical requirements. You can set reminders for key events such as when you need to arrange a service, MOT or renew tax discs. Your drivers can do daily vehicle checks and report back defects and problems with their vehicle, all from their Smartphone. You can record all fleet expenditure, staff absences, training, and incidents, as well as automatic driver licence checking, making it the most comprehensive fleet maintenance software currently available in the UK.

Client Testimonials

“Fleet-X is an absolutely superb platform for vehicle and staff management! Vehicle servicing, MOT and Road Fund Licence schedules are built in and you can set up any additional user defined schedules as you wish. I have set up ambulance cleaning and tail lift inspection schedules and the system produces automatic notifications when due.

There is a great system for the crews to do an electronic daily check on their vehicle and they can report defects via the same handheld device (iPhone/Android) so all my vehicle defect history and subsequent fixes are recorded and auditable.

I find the support offered by Bridge Fleet Solutions to be fantastic; development suggestions and updates are handled promptly and the system functionality is ever expanding to suit my needs.

Fleet-X is an essential platform for my work and I can’t rate it highly enough!”

Nick Richardson

Associate Director of ION Ambulance Care

Financial Reporting: faster and more efficient

The system allows you to record and save everything that ever happens within your fleet operation, thereby compiling a full maintenance and defect history for each vehicle.  By recording expenditure, you are also able to analyse your spend by vehicle, depot, part type, supplier, etc. This can then be presented monthly or annually, and be sorted high to low. Basically, the Fleet-X system gives you all-around visibility of where the money is spent and helps identify the potential problem areas.