Clocking In systems tailored
to the way you work.

Welcome to Cyclops

Cyclops is a Clocking In/Out system that can be tailored to your specific payment rules.

It utilises the functionality of our Site Management System by providing multiple options on signing in and out:


• Smartphone APP (checks GPS to ensure employee is on site when signing in/out)

• Tablet

• Desktop Website


We can even link it to biometrics, allowing you to use Fingerprint or Facial Recognition, to record attendance and control barriers/turnstiles (if required).

Payment Rules can be as specific as you want, allowing for a complete range of contract types, and remuneration agreements. Everything is automated, but you can review everything before it is transferred to your payroll system (e.g. Sage Payroll).

Live Activity Table

• Quickly check who is currently at work
• Filter and sort the Live Table
• Sign IN and OUT from multiple sites
• View by Department

Create Bespoke Rules


• Add Signing Out Questions 



• Configure General Rules



• Set Tolerances



• Create Role-Specific Rules

Role-Specific Rules

• Fine-tune the payment rules for every member of staff

• Create exact work patterns

• Set exact rules for overtime payment

Verify Hours

• No more paper records
• Adjust start/finish times
• Add Notes
• Auto-calculate Bonus Entitlements
• Links to Fleet-X Absence Recording

Export to Payroll Accounts Package

Export your weekly/monthly timesheets so that they can be entered into your payroll accounts package with ease. 

Smartphone APP



• Eradicate paper Timesheets

• Reduce manual input of data

• No waiting for Timesheets

• Real-time payroll management

• Human error removed

• Pay the correct amount of overtime

• Save time, save money