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Bridge Vision property management ANPR software

A comprehensive resident and visitor access software solution built on a SQL database and designed as an Estate and ANPR management system for private housing estates, car parks and commercial business premises. Automatic number-plate recognition is a technology that uses optical character recognition on images to read vehicle registration plates to create vehicle location data. It uses client specific closed-circuit television cameras designed for a task.  Our system integrates data efficiently and updates automatically from an ANPR system to our system platform in real time.

Property Management

Home Watch

Holds client data i.e. address, street and resident or authorised names

Logs an activity that client requests

Allows a client to select a service to be carried out on their property i.e. bin collection or an alternative postal collection on a specified day

Visitor Management

Expected Visitors

Ability for clients to log visitor information in the system

Logging of Trade Visitor information

Trade Visitor tracking

ANPR Data Storage and Viewing

Enables clients to log all vehicle data

Gate Viewer

Shows live real-time image views

View of current plate failures and successes

Identifies vehicles related to an address and matches its registration number to an address

Historic Plates

Shows historic activity of vehicle entry and exit on the system

Live Images

Captures live images of vehicle entry and exit to a property on the system

Trade Management

Built in trade management system to control the number of trades

Gives control on managing trade vehicles on estates and properties


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