Revolutionising job management for the Scaffolding Industry  

Welcome to ScaffoldPLANNER

ScaffoldPLANNER is the very latest in working electronically in the scaffolding industry. Our web-based platform enables you to easily create, manage and keep on top of all open and closed projects.

Electronic job dispatch means work can be sent to employees’ phones via an APP. This work can then be completed by individuals on site, sending completed forms back in an instant.

Integrating this with our live tracking system means both jobs and vehicles can be seen on a map making the planning of jobs easier.


Manage your workload from start to finish, keeping track of all jobs and visits to a particular project.



Quotes can be custom made from site notes and photos,
and emailed directly to the client.




Assign every erection job to teams, vehicle crews or individuals keeping a work trail of who has attended any job.

See live job statuses and how long certain erections have taken.




Handovers can be completed on our APP, meaning the procedure is paperless and contact-free.




Once the handover is completed, an electronic document can be set up to be automatically sent to the client.



Inspections can also be completed on any mobile device whilst on site,


and then automatically emailed to the client as soon as the inspection is completed



Variations can be carried out at the touch of a button, informing the office in real-time of any changes. 


Your office staff can also create a variation, and then send to an individual on site.



Electronic confirmation of scaffold being dismantled safely and successfully. 


With full audit trail of who was present at the job, as well as photo evidence.

Completed Projects

All associated jobs are housed in the completed project, showing a full summary of works carried out.

Job Summary Calendar


A customised calendar allows you to view all active jobs, see what is outstanding as well as reviewing previous jobs.


Meaning you can run reports and organise back office tasks with ease.

Live Mapping

See job locations and live vehicle tracking updates all in one map, helping manage day to day operations.

Job Analysis

Run reports on any job type giving summary of jobs per week, month, or even year.

See the amount of time spent on site per job type, and who completed the job.

User-friendly app

Other Features

• Paperless, contact-free workflow saving time and resources

• Full audit trails on every job

• Low cost and user friendly

• Bespoke pricing tailored to your exact requirements

• Fully integrated with our in-house Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management systems