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Welcome to Bridge Investigations

Bridge Investigations has established a reputation within the industry of providing a high degree of unmatched excellence in the quality of its service. Bridge Security is populated by a number of retired Police Officers whose expertise is drawn upon when tasked to carry out an investigation on behalf of a private client. In many cases, due to the work load the Police are currently having to undertake, the level of investigation conducted by the Police is handicapped by their limited resources. As a consequence we are finding an increasing demand for our service to provide the evidence for the Police to act on to pursue criminal investigations. We have carried out extensive investigations throughout the UK which have on occasion taken us to countries within Europe and further afield.

Why use Bridge Investigations?

Extensive experience in criminal and private investigations by ex-Metropolitan Police Officers

Bridge Investigations is a niche surveillance-based investigative firm in the UK

Investigators are always available by virtue of our 24-hour-a-day manned office

We carry out surveillance on homes, private estates, commercial properties, casinos, hotels, restaurants, malls and holiday resorts


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